How can Logentries help your business?

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Logentries is here to eliminate the complexity of managing your applications and systems in today's distributed evironments, and deliver valuable log data insight to your team and your business. The result? Less complexity, less configuration, and improved time-to-resolution. 



Join us for a quick product tour, highlighting key features important to YOU, like:

  • Running basic search queries and analyzing results in seconds based on JSON fields, or other key value pair formats.
  • Building centralized (and shareable) dashboards to track key trends across your servers, applications, and users.

  • Creating tags and real-time alerts (including anomaly detection and inactivity alerts) so you can identify, drill into, and monitor, key events that matter to your business.

  • Using aggregated live tail to view and filter your log data in real time, across all your logs.


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