Using Log Data Streams for Real-time Analytics:
4 Common Use Cases

logentries-real-time-analytics-cover-1.jpgIn this article we explore four use cases that exemplify why real-time analytics are critical to performance and user experience, highlighting key capabilities that enable real- time analytics in each layer of your system or application:
  • The Application Layer
  • The Database Layer
  • The Server/Hosting Layer
  • Cross System, Real-time Analytics

What is Real-time Analytics?

When referring to “analytics,” people often think of manipulating an existing set of structured data to yield insights.

“Real-time analytics” takes this definition a step further by accounting for the constant appending of new data to the existing data set and continuously re-analyzing the new dataset for new insights. But, for analytics to be real-time, data needs to be ingested immediately upon creation, delivering results in a matter of seconds, enabling those interpreting the data to react right away.

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