Monitoring Business Critical Events

Logentries + VictorOps Webinar:

How the most important metrics aren't being monitored nearly enough

Many of today's organizations have an established strategy for monitoring their IT environments for issues with performance, security and resource utilization. In many cases, performance is monitored and issues are remediated automatically. Yet actual business objectives, like monthly revenue, customer satisfaction and product adoption often remain manually and reactively tracked.

In this webinar, produced by Logentries and VictorOps, we share strategies for monitoring business-critical events and share specific examples you can apply to your workflow.


Webinar Details
Recorded Date: February 11, 2016

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This webinar covers:

  • What business critical events are and why you should care
  • Why so many organizations with robust monitoring solutions fail to track business critical events
  • The top events to track for growing business and reducing churn
  • Example queries & alerts to start using today
  • And more!